Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to know before ordering from you?

We want to provide you with the best shopping experience possible so please read our policies carefully before ordering.  Write us if you have any questions or comments. Our Privacy Policy is here.



What is ToyFlow? is an online store focusing on brand name toys and games that your kids, nephews, nieces, cousins – maybe even you – are asking for.  And all at awesome prices.  Get that hard to find toy, buy your best friend’s kid who lives 2,000 miles (3,200 kilometers) away a birthday present, or jump on a collector’s item that is no longer available in stores.


I see one item for sale – do you sell anything else?

Yes. Each day there will be a single item for sale on ToyFlow. Well, more than a single item – actually a bunch of that one item.  The key is that there is a limited number available and we sell the item until we run out or the clock strikes midnight.  Bong!!!  Whichever comes first.  You’ll know if a product is sold out because the main page will say "SOLD OUT" instead of "Buy Now".  Make sense?


I read the item's description and I don't get it.  Is this toy really for bumblebees?

We try to be funny with our product descriptions.  If you're new to ToyFlow you're quickly discovering these descriptions often they have nothing to do with the product we're selling.  In fact, our product narratives are for entertainment purposes and frequently employ the narrative mode of writing.  Our narratives do not reflect ToyFlow's opinons of the toys featured nor the manufacturing companies.


When will you have a new item for sale?

In 24 hours…make that 23:59…or much sooner.  Tick tock tick tock.  As soon as an item is sold out it’s gone.  You’ll have to wait until midnight eastern time to see the next item up for sale.  Want to keep on top of that more easily?  When you register, you can opt-in to be notified or you can just sign up for our email list up top.   You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to find out when a new item goes on sale or follow us on Twitter and Facebook.


Can I buy past items?

No. When an item is sold out it’s gone. If you’re asking this question you probably should have already jumped on it.  What was that expression?  “Regret is insight that comes a day too late”.  We may get more at a later date if we're lucky, but we offer no guarantees.  We do not offer backorders, and we don’t have waiting lists.  Sorry.


What are Side Deals?

Every now and then, we accumulate a few lonely items that need new homes or items that complement something that is on sale today.  When you see a Side Deal you have a chance to order it in addition to your order or to buy it alone.  We usually have a very limited quantity so get it before it’s gone!


Why did I get several items in my order?

Sometimes we will feature a bundle of items.  For example, a 3-pack of figures or a 2-pack of some game.  We will always let you know when we do this. It will be mentioned in the name of the product (we'll say "(2-pack)" or something like that) and in the "What's in the Box" section at the bottom of the item's description.


Why did I get different items in my order?

Sometimes we will feature an item that has different models available.  For example, a figure that comes in blue, red or green; or a lion, tiger andbear (oh my!).  When we do this we will let you know.  Whenever possible, if the item is a multi-pack (we are sending 2 or 3 of that item as a bundle) we will do our best to send you different models, even if you buy more than one of that bundle (e.g. you buy 3 of today's 2-pack).  Remember, sometimes there may be a limited number of the style of an item so if you order 3 2-packs you may get duplicate items.  Just remember the wise words of our parents:  "you get what you get and you don't get upset."



How do I buy?

It’s easy!  Just click on the Buy Now! button.  If you’ve been here before and have an account, simply sign in.  If not, it will be easier if you register before you buy.  Registering is free and really simple.  All you need is a valid email address, username and a password.  To register, just click the My Account link on top of any page.


What payment options do I have?

We currently accept Visa and MasterCard. In the future we may add PayPal and American Express, among others, but for now these are the most widely used so we're sticking with them. For the safety and protection of your personal information you enter your payment details only when you are ready to buy something.


Do I pay sales tax?

There are two things in life you can’t avoid:  taxes and…ummm…well, you know.  We will need to charge the local sales tax where the item is being shipped to if required by law.  We do not need to charge sales tax for most addresses in the US.



What shipping options do you offer?

To keep things simple for you and for us we currently offer very competitive rates anywhere in the US and Canada using UPS.  We'll let you know the moment you place your order exactly how much it will cost.  Cost and time depend on how far the package has to travel.  We aim to ship items usually the same day the order is placed, except on weekends when the order is shipped on Monday.  Most items will be delivered within 2-6 days but may take as long as a week or longer.  


Can I track my shipment?

Yes. After an item is shipped, we send you a confirmation email with a link to the tracking information. You can click on the link to track your order. You can also login and get updates to your order status from your account in the My Account tab.


Where does ToyFlow ship to?

Currently, we only ship within the Continental United States and Canada.  Unfortunately, we do not ship to APO/FPO addresses or PO boxes in the Continental US or Canada at this time.



I haven't bought anything but I have a question, can I call you?

We try to focus on getting the best deals and keeping costs low.  And because we are usually in the warehouse shipping orders or visiting suppliers for the best deals on available products, it is easier and quicker for you to email us at instead. We are able to get back to you in a more timely manner to answer your questions.


I've bought something and I have a question, can I call you?

Aren’t phones so 1980?  We’d love to talk to you but it’s a slippery slope.  If we talk to you and our mother finds out, she’ll ask why we have time for you but not her…then we have to explain you’re part of the ToyFlow family and that leads to more questions. It's gets tricky…  If this is a question about a particular product and how it works we strongly recommend you visit the manufacturer’s website (check out the bottom of the Write Us section for a list of links to the manufacturers) - the answer is usually there.  Besides, they seem like really nice people.  If you have a question that is not about the product, please email us at



How do I return a defective product?

Unless we specifically tell you not to, call the manufacturer of the product you bought.  You will likely get a replacement of a new model or better item from them.  If we still haven't convinced you, email us at  We will respond as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.  Because we aren't likely to have a replacement in stock, you should be prepared for us to refund your money only.  Know that return shipping will be at your expense.  Again, you will probably get a better deal from the manufacturer.  You can find links to the customer service departments of most of the manufacturers we work with at the bottom of this page.


Who can buy items on ToyFlow?

We expect that the person buying the item is an adult and authorized to use the method of payment used to buy the item.  If your kid gets into your wallet and is savvy enough to buy the item of the day they may be on the road to a lucrative career in technology or procurement but we cannot accept a return for the item they bought unless you catch it before it is shipped.  We’ll do our best here by sending you a confirmation to the email registered on the account. If you catch it, we can stop the shipment and refund your money.  Our policy on selling to minors is that persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to use the Site unsupervised and we ask that children do not submit any personal information to us.  If you are under the age of 18, you may only use TOYFLOW in conjunction with and under the supervision of a parent or guardian. TOYFLOW will never knowingly collect the personal information of minors.


Can I cancel my order?

Yes but only if you catch us before the item is shipped.  Be warned – we do our best to get the items out to you as soon as possible, usually well before the end of the day that the order was placed.


I received my item and I don’t like it anymore / it doesn’t match my new outfit / is smaller/bigger/rounder/brighter than I thought (also known as 'buyer’s remorse').  Can I return it?

We only accept returns for up to 7 days. The item must be in saleable condition. If the product packaging is open or damaged or the item is no longer in a saleable condition, we apologize but we cannot take it back.  We only accept returns on defective products.  

Please note, return shipping cost is at the customer's expense.



Is there a warranty on the items you sell?

Yes. The warranty is usually provided by the original manufacturer.  It is far easier and quicker to contact a manufacturer directly for warranty service or replacement.


I have a defective item, can I return it?

Yes. Please email us at and we will send you an RMA number and work with you to get the item back to us.  We do not accept returns without an RMA number.  If we cannot replace your item we will refund the full purchase price. We deal with the largest name brand companies so it may also be easier to contact the manufacturer directly for a warranty replacement.  We've put together a list of most of the manufacturer’s contact information at the bottom of this page.


Business Development

I am a toy distributor or a manufacturer and would like to sell some stock on ToyFlow?

If the item you want to sell seems like the kind of item we sell please email  We’ll review your email and reply to you shortly.


Can I advertise my business on ToyFlow?

We do have some advertising space available.  If your business profile meets our demographic market please email us at Our Marketing department will review your email and reply to you.


We reserve the right to update, change or replace this FAQ page at any time. Please check back regularly for any updates.


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Last Update: October 19, 2011

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