About Us

In 2008 we started talking about different ways people shop.  We thought about how people buy things and what kinds of things are fun to buy.  We looked at the trade-off of value and price and thought alot about what makes shopping exciting.

ToyFlow is the result.

At ToyFlow, we focus exclusively on brand name toys, games and kid's gear and sell it using a method we call OTED:  one-toy-each-day.  The method is simple:  we go around and find toys that people want (or that their kids want) and sell them for a lot less than your typical retailers.  But here's the catch...there is a limited quantity of that item for sale each day and once its sold out or the clock strikes midnight that item is no longer available.

Think of it as the "doorcrasher" items in your weekly flyer.  If you are too late - it's gone.  No rainchecks.

Sometimes the toy will be something that is new and different, other times it may be a collector's item that is not manufactured anymore.  Sometimes the item will be bundled with other great toys or games. Our promise to you is that the item will be new, made by a manufacturer you know and will be a great deal!

There are some things we won't do however:  we won't tell you what is selling tomorrow, we won't put an item on hold or layaway, we won't tell you if or when an item may be for sale again and we won't wash your car.  Don't even ask.

So until then, please feel free to look around. Or better yet, sign up for a free account and we'll keep you informed of every deal as it happens be it by email (just sign up above, to the right), Twitter, Facebook, RSS or dozens of other channels through Share This, just below the deal's description.  With deals like this, sharing will make you pretty popular very quickly.

Happy shopping!


Corporate Mailing Address

We want to keep the post office and couriers in business so if you need to get in touch with us to tell us what a great job we’re doing, buy us out or just send a postcard, write to:  

ToyFlow, Inc.

27 Maguire Street
Montreal,  QC,  H2T1B7

email: info@toyflow.com